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The more the merrier? Numbers of reviews versus score on TripAdvisor and 2020
EasyModel: user-friendly tool for building and analysis of simple mathematical models in systems biology 2020
Polymeric interlayer materials for laminated glass: A review 2020
Inter-building assessment of urban heat island mitigation strategies: Field tests and numerical modelling in a simplified-geometry experimental set-up 2020
Behaviour of a concrete wall containing micro‐encapsulated PCM after a decade of its construction 2020
Spatial distribution of flavor components and antioxidants in the flesh of 'Conference' pears and its relationship with postharvest pathogens susceptibility 2020
Frost detection method on evaporator in vapour compression systems 2020
Corrosion evaluation of eutectic chloride molten salt for new generation of CSP plants. Part 1: Thermal treatment assessment 2020
Sustainable adobe bricks with seagrass fibres. Mechanical and thermal properties characterization 2020
Approach for the analysis of TES technologies aiming towards a circular economy: case study of building-like cubicles 2020
Building thermal storage technology: Compensating renewable energy fluctuations 2020
Advances in the development of latent heat storage materials based on inorganic lithium salts 2020
Morphological and Structural Evaluation of Hydration/Dehydration Stages of MgSO4 Filled Composite Silicone Foam for Thermal Energy Storage Applications 2020
Comparative Analysis of Web of Science and Scopus on the Energy Efficiency and Climate Impact of Buildings 2020
Palm oil-based bio-PCM for energy efficient building applications: Multipurpose thermal investigation and life cycle assessment 2020
La accesibilidad de los gráficos estadísticos para personas con baja visión y visión cromática deficiente 2020
Tensile test on interlayer materials for laminated glass under diverse ageing conditions and strain rates 2020
Corrosion assessment of promising hydrated salts as sorption materials for thermal energy storage systems 2020
Anodic Protection Assessment Using Alumina-Forming Alloys in Chloride Molten Salt for CSP Plants 2020
Stand-alone renewable energy auctions: The case of Peru 2020
Combined Radiative Cooling and Solar Thermal Collection: Experimental Proof of Concept 2020
A new computational method to improve the synchronization of PLLs 2020
Evaluation of the state of charge of a solid/liquid phase change material in a thermal energy storage tank 2020
Selection of the appropriate phase change material for two innovative compact energy storage systems in residential buildings 2020
Corrosion evaluation of eutectic chloride molten salt for new generation of CSP plants. Part 2: Materials screening performance 2020
Avaluació de l'accessibilitat per a persones amb baixa visió dels gràfics estadístics dels llocs web de les universitats públiques catalanes 2020
Circular economy: the case of a shared wastewater treatment plant and its adaptation to changes of the industrial zone over time 2020
A framework for the optimal integration of solar assisted district heating in different urban sized communities: A robust machine learning approach incorporating global sensitivity analysis 2020
Recent Trends on Liquid Air Energy Storage: A Bibliometric Analysis 2020
Technological options and strategies towards zero energy buildings contributing to climate change mitigation: A systematic review 2020
Study of the chrome hexavalent content in commercial chromium salts 2020
Comparison of the sustainability of the vegetable, wet-white and chromium tanning processes through the life cycle analysis 2020
A newflat-plate radiative cooling and solar collector numerical model: Evaluation and metamodeling 2020
Cathodic Protection Using Aluminum Metal in Chloride Molten Salts as Thermal Energy Storage Material in Concentrating Solar Power Plants 2020
How internal heat loads of buildings affect the effectiveness of vertical greenery systems? An experimental study 2020
Pine tannin extraction from residues of pine forest exploitation 2020
The Role of Innovation in Industry Product Deployment: Developing Thermal Energy Storage for Concentrated Solar Power 2020
Generación Z y Fortnite: Lo que engancha a los más pequeños 2020
Diseño y Análisis Etnográfico de una App para la Rehabilitación Autónoma de Pacientes con Lesiones por Trauma 2020
The rise of machine learning for detection and classification of malware: Research developments, trends and challenges 2020
Polylactic acid / polycaprolactone blends: on the path to circular economy, substituting single-use commodity plastic products 2020
Experimental comparison of passive heating/cooling space in lightweight buildings with potential application in mining camps 2020
Dynamic corrosion test using LiNO3 containing molten salt for CSP applications 2020
Performance study of direct integration of phase change material into an innovative evaporator of a simple vapour compression system 2020
Effect of processing parameters on copper powder produced by novel hybrid atomisation technique 2020
Economic evaluation of a hybrid heating system in different climate zones based on model predictive control 2020
Greenery System for Cooling Down Outdoor Spaces: Results of an Experimental Study 2020
Numerical study of dynamic melting enhancement in a latent heat thermal energy storage system 2020
A comparative life cycle assessment (LCA) of different insulation materials for buildings in the continental Mediterranean climate 2020
Optimal control of natural ventilation as passive cooling strategy for improving the energy performance of building envelope with PCM integration 2020
Systematic review on the use of heat pipes in latent heat thermal energy storage tanks 2020
Review and estimation of global halocarbon emissions in the buildings sector 2020
Bibliometric analysis of smart control applications in thermal energy storage systems. A model predictive control approach 2020
Circular economy of post-consumer textile waste: classification through infrared spectroscopy. 2020
Environmental and nutritional impacts of dietary changes in Spain during the COVID-19 lockdown 2020
Smart control of dynamic phase change material wall system 2020
High throughput BLAST algorithm using spark and cassandra 2020
A benchmark for end-user structured data exploration and search user interfaces 2020
Leather Waste to Enhance Mechanical Performance of High-Density Polyethylene 2020
Life Cycle Assessment and Leather Production 2020
Performance and Usability Tradeoff in a Cluster Display Wall 2019
Using convolutional neural networks for classification of malware represented as images 2019
Automatic Methods for Carotid Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging Quantification of Adventitial Vasa Vasorum. 2019
Composition determination of rubber blends by applying differential scanning calorimetry and SPA-PLS treatment 2019
Benchmarking of useful phase change materials for a building application 2019
High temperature corrosion behavior on molten nitrate salt-based nanofluids for CSP plants 2019
Evaluation of energy density as performance indicator for thermal energy storage at material and system levels 2019
Experimental results of mechanical, adhesive, and laminated connections for laminated glass elements - A review 2019
Influence of the storage period between charge and discharge in a latent heat thermal energy storage system working under partial load operating conditions 2019
Dynamic building envelope with PCM for cooling purposes - Proof of concept 2019
Economic and environmental potential for solar assisted central heating plants in the EU residential sector: Contribution to the 2030 climate and energy EU agenda 2019
The evapotranspiration process in green roofs: A review 2019
A scalable parallel implementation of the Cluster Benders Decomposition algorithm 2019
Corrosion monitoring and mitigation techniques on advanced thermal energy storage materials for CSP plants 2019
Effectiveness of a telephone-based intervention for smoking cessation in patients with severe mental disorders: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial 2019
Experimental evaluation of the use of fins and metal wool as heat transfer enhancement techniques in a latent heat thermal energy storage system 2019
Molten salt corrosion mechanisms of nitrate based thermal energy storage materials for concentrated solar power plants: A review 2019
Effects of sodium nitrate concentration on thermophysical properties of solar salts and on the thermal energy storage cost 2019
Use of seagrass fibres in adobe bricks 2019
On an innovative approach for microclimate enhancement and retrofit of historic buildings and artworks preservation by means of innovative thin envelope materials 2019
Simulation analysis of an innovative micro-solar 2kWe Organic Rankine Cycle plant coupled with a multi-apartments building for domestic hot water supply 2019
Mainstreaming commercial CSP systems: A technology review 2019
Corrosion evaluation of alumina-forming alloys in carbonate molten salt for CSP plants 2019
Assessing the Potentiality of Animal Fat Based-Bio Phase Change Materials (PCM) for Building Applications: An Innovative Multipurpose Thermal Investigation 2019
Asphalt emulsion formulation: State of the art of formulation, properties and results of HIPR emulsions 2019
Corrosion Assessment of Myo-Inositol Sugar Alcohol as a Phase Change Material in Storage Systems Connected to Fresnel Solar Plants 2019
CART, a Decision SLA Model for SaaS Providers to Keep QoS Regarding Availability and Performance 2019
Polyacrylate ester-based policarboxilate (pce) as a new leather retanning agent 2019
Improving thermal comfort of earthen dwellings in sub-Saharan Africa with passive design 2019
El Mercat de Tecnologia de Lleida, més enllà d'una jornada. Aprenentatge científic i tecnològic per als alumnes d'ESO, batxillerat i cicles formatius durant el curs escolar 2019
Influence of end-of-life allocation, credits and other methodological issues in LCA of compounds: An in-company circular economy case study on packaging 2019
Life cycle assessment of carrier bags and development of a littering indicator 2019
Life cycle assessment (LCA) of a pneumatic municipal waste collection system compared to traditional truck collection. Sensitivity study of the influence of the energy source 2019
Sustainability and social justice dimension indicators for applied renewable energy research: A responsible approach proposal 2019
Magnesium sulphate-silicone foam composites for thermochemical energy storage: Assessment of dehydration behaviour and mechanical stability 2019
Modeling global and regional potentials for building-integrated solar energy generation 2019
Feasibility Study of Freeze Recovery Options in Parabolic Trough Collector Plants Working with Molten Salt as Heat Transfer Fluid 2019
A Distributed argumentation algorithm for mining consistent opinions in weighted twitter discussions 2019
Comparative analysis of energy demand and CO2 emissions on diff erent typologies of residential buildings in Europe 2019
Compatibility of container materials for Concentrated Solar Power with a solar salt and alumina based nanofluid: A study under dynamic conditions 2019
Methodologies and Trends in Multimedia Systems: A Systematic Literature Review 2019
Catsent: a Catalan sentiment analysis website 2019
Identification of natural rubber samples for high-voltage insulation applications 2019
Development of an easily adaptable three-point hitch dynamometer for agricultural tractors. Analysis of the disruptive effects on the measurements. 2019
Thermal energy storage (TES) with phase change materials (PCM) in solar power plants (CSP). Concept and plant performance 2019
Atraumatic laparoscopic intraperitoneal mesh fixation using a new laparoscopic device: An animal experimental study 2019
Cool Roof Impact on Building Energy Need: The Role of Thermal Insulation with Varying Climate Conditions 2019
Phenomenological modelling of phase transitions with hysteresis in solid/liquid PCM 2019
Economic Assessment of Pig Meat Processing and Cutting Production by Simulation 2019
Improving the production chain with LCA and eco-design: application to cosmetic packaging 2019
Publishing accessible proceedings: the DSAI 2016 case study 2019
Development of nanocomposites with flame retardant effect for leather and fabric 2019
Gas engine heat pump system: Experimental facility and thermal evaluation for 5 different units 2019
Innovative composite sorbent for thermal energy storage based on a SrBr2·6H2O filled silicone composite foam 2019
Potential of energy flexible buildings: Evaluation of DSM strategies using building thermal mass 2019
Numerical analysis of building envelope with movable phase change materials for heating applications 2019
Analysis of sliding-mode controlled impedance matching circuits for inductive harvesting devices 2019
Synthesis and Thermophysical Characterization of Fatty Amides for Thermal Energy Storage 2019
Thermal energy storage in solar energy systems: editorial 2019
Effect of the impurity magnesium nitrate in the thermal decomposition of the solar salt 2019
Life cycle costing as a bottom line for the life cycle sustainability assessment in the solar energy sector: A review 2019
The role of buildings in the heating sector transition 2019
Improving Cognitive Visual-Motor Abilities in Individuals with Down Syndrome 2019
Ripening behaviour and consumer acceptance of 'Conference' pears during shelf life after long term DCA-storage 2019
Implementation of a compact wearable temperature, pressure, humidity and gas sensing device 2019
Extending the application of an assistant personal robot as a walk-helper tool 2019
Application of an array of Metal-Oxide Semiconductor gas sensors in an Assistant Personal Robot for early gas leak detection 2019
An inexpensive wireless smart camera system for IoT applications based on an ARM Cortex-M7 microcontroller 2019
Optical Mouse Sensor for eye blink detection and pupil tracking: application in a Low-Cost eye-controlled pointing device 2019
Análisis de las tecnologías de almacenamiento de energía térmica dentro de la economía circular 2019
Analysis of the Thermal Behavior of an Earthbag Building in Mediterranean Continental Climate: Monitoring and Simulation 2019
Redesign of a Questionnaire to Assess the Usability of Websites 2019
Does verifying users influence rankings? Analyzing TripAdvisor and 2018
The more the merrier? Numbers of reviews versus score on TripAdvisor and 2018
Influence of nanoparticle morphology and its dispersion ability regarding thermal properties of water used as phase change materials 2018
Eye tracking-based behavioral study of users using e-voting systems 2018
Comparison of past projections of global and regional primary and final energy consumption with historical data 2018
Experimental testing of cooling internal loads with a radiant wall 2018
Thermomechanical testing under operating conditions of A516Gr70 used for CSP storage tanks 2018
Experimental set-up for testing active and passive systems for energy savings in buildings - Lessons learnt 2018
MetReS, an efficient database for genomic applications 2018
Modelling a grading scheme for peer-to-peer accommodation: Stars for Airbnb 2018
Thermal stress reduction in cool roof membranes using phase change materials (PCM) 2018
Preparation and characterization of an inorganic magnesium chloride/nitrate/graphite composite for low temperature energy storage 2018
Development and experimental validation of a transient 2D numeric model for radiant walls 2018
Combining biocatalysts to achieve new phase change materials. Application to non-edible animal fat 2018
Enthalpy-temperature plots to compare calorimetric measurements of phase change materials at different sample scales 2018
Renewable energy research and technologies through responsible research and innovation looking glass: Reflexions, theoretical approaches and contemporary discourses 2018
Thermal energy storage evaluation in direct steam generation solar plants 2018
Study of the Thermal Properties and the Fire Performance of Flame Retardant-Organic PCM in Bulk Form 2018
Control concepts of a radiant wall working as thermal energy storage for peak load shifting of a heat pump coupled to a PV array 2018
Two-tank molten salts thermal energy storage system for solar power plants at pilot plant scale: Lessons learnt and recommendations for its design, start-up and operation 2018
Estimating the industrial waste heat recovery potential based on CO2 emissions in the European non-metallic mineral industry 2018
Surgical Dynamometer to Simultaneously Measure the Tension Forces and the Distance between Wound Edges during the Closure of a Laparotomy 2018
Geometry optimization of a heat storage system for concentrated solar power plants (CSP) 2018
Multifunctional smart concretes with novel phase change materials: Mechanical and thermo-energy investigation 2018
Steam-PCM heat exchanger design and materials optimization by using Cr- Mo alloys 2018
Assessing the nearly zero-energy building gap in university campuses with a feature extraction methodology applied to a case study in Spain 2018
New formulation and characterization of enhanced bulk-organic phase change materials 2018
Multi-Stakeholder Development of a Serious Game to Explore theWater-Energy-Food-Land-Climate Nexus: The SIM4NEXUS Approach 2018
Use of partial load operating conditions for latent thermal energy storage management 2018
Phase Change Material Selection for Thermal Energy Storage at High Temperature Range between 210 º C and 270 ºC 2018
High temperature systems using solid particles as TES and HTF material: A review 2018
Multi-objective optimisation of bio-based thermal insulation materials in building envelopes considering condensation risk 2018
Are users' ratings on TripAdvisor similar to hotel categories in Europe? 2018
Effect of PCM on the Hydration Process of Cement-Based Mixtures: A Novel Thermo-Mechanical Investigation 2018
Developing a PCM-enhanced mortar for thermally active precast walls 2018
Numerical analysis of a latent heat thermal energy storage system under partial load operating conditions 2018
Control strategies for defrost and evaporator fans operation in walk-in freezers 2018
Experimental analysis of the effective thermal conductivity enhancement of PCM using finned tubes in high temperature bulk tanks 2018
Scalable Consistency in T-Coffee through Apache Spark and Cassandra database 2018
Optimization of consistency-based multiple sequence alignment using Big Data technologies 2018
Assessment of the hydration/dehydration behaviour of MgSO4∙7H2O filled cellular foams for sorption storage applications through morphological and thermo-gravimetric analyses 2018
Education and training gaps in the renewable energy sector 2018
Integration of renewable technologies in historical and heritage buildings: A review 2018
Performance and Usability Tradeoff in a Cluster Display Wall 2018
Optimization of deterministic controls for a cooling radiant wall coupled to a PV array 2018
MgSO4·7H2O filled macro cellular foams: An innovative composite sorbent for thermo-chemical energy storage applications for solar buildings 2018
Thermo-acoustic performance of green roof substrates in dynamic hygrothermal conditions 2018
Process integration of thermal energy storage systems - Evaluation methodology and case studies 2018
Review of Reactors with Potential Use in Thermochemical Energy Storage in Concentrated Solar Power Plants 2018
Household appliances penetration and ownership trends in residential buildings 2018
Energy Savings Potential of a Novel Radiative Cooling and Solar Thermal Collection Concept in Buildings for Various World Climates 2018
Using convolutional neural networks for classification of malware represented as images 2018
Real Time Classification of Political Tendency of Twitter Spanish Users based on Sentiment Analysis 2018
Model predictive control strategy applied to different types of building for space heating 2018
A Study on How Users Perceive Distributed Interactions on Web Applications 2018
Automatic Methods for Carotid Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging Quantification of Adventitial Vasa Vasorum. 2018
Short-term hide preservation with acid and salt 2018
Study of several variables in the fixation stage of a vegetable tannage after penetration under ultrasound 2018
Are functional fillers improving environmental behavior of plastics? A review on LCA studies 2018
Tackling the Relevance of packaging in life cycle assessment of virgin olive oil and the environmental consequences of regulation 2018
Corporate carbon footprint for country Climate Change mitigation: A case study of a tannery in Turkey 2018
Environmental and cost optimal design of a biomasse-Winde-PV electricity generation system 2018
Dyestuffs and formaldehyde content in split leather treated with formaldehyde resins 2018
A simple test to determine the propensity of a sample of leather to the formation of chromium(VI) 2018
Eco-innovation in garden irrigation tools and carbon footprint assessment 2018
Formaldehyde scavengers for cleaner production: A case study focused on the leather industry. 2018
Development of nanocomposites with selfcleaning propeerties for textile and leather. 2018
An argumentative approach for discovering relevant opinions in Twitter with probabilistic valued relationships 2018
Oxidative unhairing versus sulphide use - A critical use 2018
Multi-Country Analysis on Energy Savings in Buildings by Means of a Micro-Solar Organic Rankine Cycle System: A Simulation Study 2018
Usability Evaluation with Heuristics. New Proposal from Integrating Two Trusted Sources 2018
Multivariable methods applied to FTIR: A powerful technique to highlight architectural changes in poly(lactic acid) 2018
Study of the qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis of grape seed extract by HPLC 2018
EMPOWERING, a smart Big Data framework for sustainable electricity suppliers 2018
Energy-saving scheduling on IaaS HPC cloud environments based on a multiobjective genetic algorithm 2018
Composition determination of rubber blends by applying differential scanning calorimetry and SPA-PLS treatment 2018
A Proposal of low-cost and low-power embedded wireless image sensor node for IoT applications 2018
Modelling Envelope Components Integrating Phase Change Materials (PCMs) with Whole-Building Energy Simulation Tools: A State of the Art 2018
Assessment of the impact of non-uniform illumination and temperature profiles on a dense array CPV receiver performance 2018
Numerical parametric study of a hotspot-targeted microfluidic cooling array for microelectronics 2018
Numerical simulation of a PCM packed bed system: A review 2017
Review on sorption materials and technologies for heat pumps and thermal energy storage 2017
Thermochemical energy storage by consecutive reactions concept for higher efficient concentrated solar power plants (CSP) 2017
Materials selection of steam-phase change material (PCM) heat exchanger for thermal energy storage systems in direct steam generation facilities 2017
Experimental investigation of the effect of dynamic melting in a cylindrical shell-and-tube heat exchanger using water as PCM 2017
PCM for improving polyurthane-based cool roof membranes durability 2017
Review on system and materials requirements for high temperature thermal energy storage. Part 1: General requirements 2017
A Privacy-preserving pay-by-phone parking system 2017
Vertical greenery systems for energy savings in buildings: a comparative study between green walls and green facades 2017
­Green facade for energy savings in buildings: the influence of leaf area index and facade orientation on the shadow effect 2017
A novel numerical methodology for modelling simple vapour compression refrigeration system 2017
Heating and cooling energy trends and drivers in Europe 2017
Empirical equations for viscosity and specific heat capacity determination of fatty acids 2017
Solar water heating system and photovoltaic floating cover to reduce evaporation: Experimental results and modeling 2017
Critical challenges and capacity building needs for renewable energy deployment in Pacific Small Island Developing States (Pacific SIDS) 2017
Blacklist muti-objective genetic algorithm for energy saving in heterogeneous environments 2017
Ontologies about human behavior: A review of knowledge modeling systems 2017
Materials selection for thermal energy storage systems in parabolic trough collector solar facilities using high chloride content nitrate salts 2017
New proposed methodology for specific heat capacity determination of materials for thermal energy storage (TES) by DSC 2017
Empirical equation to estimate viscosity of paraffin 2017
Weighted argumentation for analysis of discussions in twitter 2017
Experimental evaluation of a heating radiant wall coupled to a ground source heat pump 2017
Critical analysis of the T-history method: A fundamental approach 2017
Rare Disease Discovery: an optimized disease ranking system 2017
Radiative cooling as low-grade energy source: A literature review 2017
Method for controlling mean droplet size in the manufacture of phase inversion bituminous emulsions 2017
Simulation-based optimization of PCM melting temperature to improve the energy performance in buildings 2017
Passive cooling of buildings with phase change materials using whole-building energy simulation tools: A review 2017
Measurement of vibrations in two tower-typed assistant personal robot implementations with and without a passive suspension system 2017
Advances in sorption systems for energy efficient heating and cooling 2017
Influence of the heat transfer fluid in a CSP plant molten salts charging process 2017
Rammed earth walls in Mediterranean climate: material characterization and thermal behaviour 2017
Characterization of wastes based on inorganic double salt hydrates as potential thermal energy storage materials 2017
The connection between the heat storage capability of PCM as a material property and their performance in real scale applications 2017
TControl: A mobile app to follow up tobacco-quitting patients 2017
Optimization of roof solar reflectance under different climate conditions, occupancy, building configuration and energy systems 2017
Thermal characterization of different substrates under dried conditions for extensive green roofs 2017
Fatty acid eutectic mixtures and derivatives from non-edible animal fat as phase change materials 2017
Supercritical CO2 as heat transfer fluid: A review 2017
Considerations for the use of metal alloys as phase change materials for high temperature applications 2017
Phase change material selection for thermal processes working under partial load operating conditions in the temperature range between 120 and 200 ºC 2017
Ionic compounds derived from crude glycerol: thermal energy storage capability evaluation 2017
Comparative study of the thermal performance of four different shell-and-tube heat exchangers used as latent heat thermal energy storage systems 2017
Novel Dynamic thermal characterization of multifunctional concretes with microencapsulated phase change materials 2017
High density polyethylene spheres with PCM for domestic hot water applications: Water tank and laboratory scale study 2017
Chemical Source Localization Fusing Concentration Information in the Presence of Chemical Background Noise 2017
Experimental validation of the exact analytical solution to the steady periodic heat transfer problem in a PCM layer 2017
Numerical simulation of a finned-tube LHTES system: influence of the mushy zone constant on the phase change behaviour 2017
Usability Evaluation Trends in Ibero-American Countries 2017
Characterization of the CPAP-treated patient population in Catalonia 2017
Automatic Supervision of Temperature, Humidity, and Luminance with an Assistant Personal Robot 2017
Preliminary Development of a Walk-Helper Application Agent with an Assistant Personal Robot 2017
Preliminary Application of an Assistant Personal Robot as an Ambient Monitoring Tool 2017
Empirical equations for viscosity and specific heat capacity determination of paraffin PCM and fatty acid PCM 2017
Study on the optimum PCM melting temperature for energy savings in residential buildings worldwide 2017
Sustainable earth-based vs. conventional construction systems in the Mediterranean climate: Experimental analysis of thermal performance 2017
Measuring crop canopy - the development of a dynamic system for precision fruit crop spraying 2017
Design and Economic Analysis of Liquid Cooled Data Centres for Waste Heat recovery: A case study for an Indoor Swimming Pool 2017
Storage Stability of Bimodal Emulsions vs. Monomodal Emulsions 2017
Viscosity properties of bimodal bitumen emulsions: new approach 2017
Initiatives and Strategies to Encourage Women Into Engineering 2017
Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) material: Critical issues and applications with emphasis on buildings 2017
Review of commercial thermal energy storage in concentrated solar power plants: Steam vs. molten salts 2017
Pathways to a European PhD for Thermal Energy Storage 2017
Efficiency analysis of a multiple axle vehicle with hydrostatic transmission overcoming obstacles 2017
PPCAS: Implementation of a Probabilistic Pairwise Model for Consistency-Based Multiple Alignment in Apache Spark 2017
A Model-based Approach for Describing Offline Navigation of Web Applications 2017
Foundations for distributing the interaction: facilitating universal access through Responsive Cross-Device Applications 2017
Effect of temperature, relative humidity and UV radiation on wet-bright leather ageing 2017
Enviromental assessment of dehydration processes for bovine leather. 2017
Real time canopy density validation using ultrasonic envelope signals and point quadrat analysis 2017
Determination of formaldehyde content in leather: EN ISO 17266 Standard. Influence of the agitation method used in the initial phase of formaldehyde extraction 2017
Measuring the Environmental Footprint of Leather Processing Technologies 2017
Eco-innovation and benchmarking of Carbon Footprint data for vineyards and wineries in Spain and France 2017
Product vs corporate carbon footprint: Some methodological issues. A case study and review on the wine sector 2017
Inventory analysis and carbon footprint of coastland-hotel services: A Spanish case study 2017
Structure features for SAT instances classification 2017
WPM3: An (in)complete algorithm for weighted partial MaxSAT 2017
Desarrollo de productos a partir de Caesalpinia spinosa 2017
Formalisation and logical properties of the maximal ideal recursive semantics for weighted defeasible logic programming 2016
In situ thermal and acoustic performance and environmental impact of the introduction of a shape-stabilized PCM layer for building applications 2016
Thermal energy storage in building integrated thermal systems: A review. Part 2. Integration of passive system 2016
Mechanical response evaluation of microcapsules from different slurries 2016
Thermal assessment of extensive green roofs as passive tool for energy savings in buildings 2016
Distributing game instances in a hybrid client-server/P2P system to support MMORPG playability 2016
Analyzing Google Earth application in a heterogeneous commodity cluster display wall 2016
Computational efficiency in numerical modeling of high temperature latent heat storage: Comparison of selected software tools based on experimental data 2016
Maximal falsifiability 2016
Corrosion evaluation and prevention of reactor materials to contain thermochemical material for thermal energy storage 2016
Types, methods, techniques, and applications for microencapsulated phase change materials (MPCM): A review 2016
Single layer mortars with microencapsulated PCM: Study of physical and thermal properties, and fire behaviour 2016
Thermal Energy Storage in Building Integrated Thermal Systems: A review. Part 1. Active storage systems 2016
Economic impact of integrating PCM as passive system in buildings using Fanger comfort 2016
Preparation and characterization of inorganic PCM microcapsules by fluidized bed method 2016
Thermal characterization of buildings from the monitoring of the AC system consumption 2016
Experimental evaluation of a concrete core slab with phase change materials for cooling purposes 2016
Experimental and numerical analysis for potential heat reuse in liquid cooled data centres 2016
Use of by-products as additives in adobe bricks: mechanical properties characterization 2016
Review of technology: thermochemical energy storage for concentrated solar power plants 2016
A predictor model for the composting process on an industrial scale based on Markov processes 2016
On the Performance of MaxSAT and MinSAT Solvers on 2SAT-MaxOnes 2016
Methodologies to estimate industrial waste heat potential by transferring key figures: A case study for Spain 2016
Health hazard, cycling and thermal stability as key parameters when selecting a suitable Phase Change Material (PCM) 2016
Advances in the valorization of waste and by-product materials as thermal energy storage (TES) materials 2016
Materials and system requirements of high temperature thermal energy storage systems: A review. Part 2: Thermal conductivity enhancement techniques 2016
Eco-costs evaluation for the optimal design of buildings with lower environmental impact 2016
Molten salt facilities, lessons learnt at pilot plant scale to guarantee commercial plants; heat losses evaluation and correction 2016
Acoustic insulation capacity of Vertical Greenery Systems for buildings 2016
FingerScanner: Embedding a Fingerprint Scanner in a Raspberry Pi 2016
Desafío en el diseño de MOOCs: incorporación de aspectos para la colaboración y la gamificación 2016
Web Ontologies to Categorialy Structure Reality: Representations of Human Emotional, Cognitive and Motivational Processes 2016
Identification of line-specific strategies for improving carotenoid production in synthetic maize through data-driven mathematical modelling 2016
Experimental evaluation of a paraffin as phase change material for thermal energy storage in laboratory equipment and in a shell-and-tube heat exchanger 2016
Adaptation of rammed earth to modern construction systems: Comparative study of thermal behavior under summer conditions 2016
Experimental analysis of a car incorporating phase change material 2016
Influence of alkaline chloride on thermal energy storage properties of bischofite 2016
Use of multi-layered PCM gypsums to improve fire response. Physical, thermal and mechanical characterization 2016
Simulation and control of Thermally Activated Building Systems (TABS) 2016
Corrosion testing device for in-situ corrosion characteization in operational molten salts storage tanks: A516 Gr70 carbon steel performance under molten salts exposure 2016
Performance comparison of a group of thermal conductivity enhancement methodology in phase change material for thermal storage application 2016
Thermal storage in a MW scale. Molten Salt solar thermal pilot facility: Plant description and commissioning experiences 2016
Industrial waste materials and by-products as thermal energy storage (TES) materials: A review 2016
Non existence of some mixed Moore graphs of diameter 2 using SAT 2016
Experimental analysis of charging and discharging processes, with parallel and counter flow arrangements, in a molten salts high temperature pilot plant scale setup 2016
Temperature distribution and heat losses in molten salts tanks for CSP plants 2016
A production planning model considering uncertain demand using two-stage stochastic programming in a fresh vegetable supply chain context 2016
Experimental study of an active slab with PCM coupled to a solar air collector for heating purposes 2016
Human-Computer Interaction in Ibero-America: Academic, Research, and Professional Issues 2016
Thermal Energy Storage (TES) for Industrial Waste Heat (IWH) Recovery: A Review 2016
An Integration of Usable Security and User Authentication into the ISO 9241-210 and ISO/IEC 25010:2011 2016
HBPF: a Home Blood Pressure Framework with SLA guarantees to follow up hypertensive patients 2016
Computer-assisted initial diagnosis of rare diseases 2016
BPcontrol: a Mobile App to Monitor Hypertensive Patients 2016
Energy savings due to the use of PCM for relocatable lightweight buildings passive heating and cooling in different weather conditions 2016
Enhanced thermal energy supply via central solar heating plants with seasonal storage: A multi-objective optimization approach 2016
Study of corrosion followed by the Dynamic Gravimetric Analysis (DGA) methodology 2016
Control strategies comparison of a ventilated facade with PCM - energy savings, cost reduction and CO2 mitigation 2016
Experimental evaluation of a cooling radiant wall coupled to a ground heat exchanger 2016
MSWI bottom ash for thermal energy storage: An innovative and sustainable approach for its reutilization 2016
Characterization of granular phase change materials for thermal energy storage applications in fluidized beds 2016
Embodied energy and cost of high temperature thermal energy storage systems for use with concentrated solar power plants 2016
Innovative cool roofing membrane with integrated phase change materials: Experimental characterization of morphological, thermal and optic-energy behavior 2016
Compatibility of materials for macroencapsulation of inorganic phase change materials: Experimental corrosion study 2016
Assistant Personal Robot (APR): Conception and application of a tele-operated assisted living robot 2016
Design, implementation and validation of the three-wheel holonomic motion system of the Assistant Personal Robot (APR) 2016
Reduction of the subcooling of bischofite with the use of nucleatings agents 2016
RP-DeLP: a weighted defeasible argumentation framework based on a recursive semantics. 2016
Method for Improving EEG Based Emotion Recognition by Combining It with Synchronized Biometric and Eye Tracking Technologies in a Non-invasive and Low Cost Way 2016
IEA SHC Task 42 / ECES Annex 29 WG A1: Engineering and Processing of PCMs, TCMs and Sorption Materials 2016
IEA SHC Task 42 / ECES Annex 29 - A simple tool for the economic evaluation of thermal energy storages 2016
A proposal of a multi-agent system implementation for the control of an Assistant Personal Robot 2016
A Proposal to Combine Depth Information from LIDAR and RGB-D Sensors in an Assistant Personal Robot 2016
Experimental characterization of the Twin-Eye laser mouse sensor 2016
Measuring gas concentration and wind intensity in a turbulent wind tunnel with a mobile robot 2016
Development and testing of the media monitoring tool MedISys for the monitoring, early identification and reporting of existing and emerging plant health threats 2016
Energy model optimization for thermal storage system integration in data centres 2016
Experimental and numerical analysis of the air management in a data centre in Spain 2016
Standarization of PCM characterization via DSC 2016
Comparison of a single stage and a multi stage latent heat storage for domestic hot water delivery 2016
Combined heat and power design based on environmental and cost criteria 2016
Application of highly carboxylate resins in aqueous emulsion for leather coating avoiding the use of isopropyl alcohol 2016
Electro-leaf, a biomimicry system to estimate in-canopy airflow in fruit crops 2016
Determination of formaldehyde content in leather: Standard EN ISO 17226, revision and possible improvements. 2016
DEvelopment of micro/nanocomposites with antibacterial effect for leather and textile. 2016
Low carbon products to desing innovative leather processes. Part IV Manufacture of automotive leather using tara. 2016
Development of a new leather intermediate: Wet-bright with a higth dye affinity. 2016
Reducing the use of volatile organic compounds in the leather industry. 2016
A comprehensive evaluation of physical and environmental performances for wet-white leather manufacture 2016
Exploiting subproblem optimization in SAT-based MaxSAT algorithms 2016
Automated theorem provers for multiple-valued logics with satisfiability modulo theory solvers. 2016
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